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The Ear, Nose and Throat are the most common areas where infections can occur. Most people tend to ignore minor niggles in the ENT section. This can be dangerous as there may bean causal factor that is causing the external irritation. This can be due to physical injury, chemical imbalance or and external infection – whatever the case, these symptoms should not be taken lightly. Rajalakshmi Hospital has some of the best ENT specialists providing best consultation services. So do not ignore that constant ear pain or recurring sinus blockage or chronic throat irritation. Come over now and get yourself checked by some of the best professionals in the business. We offer advanced treatment in the ENT division. Get in touch to know more.


Who are at risk?

Problems related to Ears, Nose and Throat are widely common these days. Anyone from a newborn to an 80 year old are subject to risks. Besides during bouts of common cold, if you experience any blockage in the nose that is present for prolonged periods, shallow breath, periodic nose-bleeds, loss of smell, excessive breathlessness, ringing noises in the eardrum, ear pain, boils or pustules inside the ear, temporary deafness, throat pain, dryness in the mouth, consistent cough, bleeding from the mouth, itching in the throat, etc., the first thing to do is to rush to an ENT specialist. All these conditions may be symptoms of severe or chronic conditions that need to be diagnosed early for effective treatment. The Ears and Nose are the most exposed parts of the body and one should take utmost care to maintain adequate hygiene in maintaining cleanliness in these regions. Most of the issues are self-limiting but this does not mean that you self-diagnose the conditions with the help of the internet and be satisfied with it. A mild nose-bleed can be anything from just a simple prick of the nasal hair or a first sign of the deadly lukemia. So it is best to get the right diagnosis. Remember prevention is always better than cure and at the same time, early diagnosis always gives a better chance of overcoming the disease through proper treatment.


Why Rajalakshmi Hospital?

Our ENT specialists take pride in their profession to deliver the best patient care. There has never been a case that our patients have been sidelined on the basis of financial standing in the society. We treat all patients from the same perspective of service and try our best to restore them to prime health. The doctors ensure to follow up with all their patients to study the disease at greater depth to understand the condition better and offer health advices accordingly. The Patient always comes first at Rajalakshmi Hospital.