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Children are most vulnerable to infections. Be it a minor common cold or chronic diabetes – your child is susceptible to them all. It is important to get your child vaccinated at regular intervals as per the standardized immunization chart. Our experienced Paediatricians will counsel you and your child in various forms of techniques to follow to reduce infections and strengthen the immunity. Rajalakshmi Hospitals has a team of qualified doctors who know and understand child health in-depth. With our proficiency in caring for children who are critically ill children, we ensure that the suffering little ones receive the best of cares especially at a time when they need it the most.


Who are at risk?

Anyone who is less than 16 years of age will come under this category. This group has been officially recognized as a vulnerable population by the Ministry of Health under the Schedule Y guidelines. The topmost priority of parents today is their children and though they do take optimum care of their wards, a visit to the paediatrician is primarily for vaccination or if the child is down with a fever. This should not be the case, there are various subtle symptoms that can be a sign of things to come. As mentioned repeatedly early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to undertake. The lifestyle of most children is hectic filled with academics, sports, social media and of course junk food. The excessive pressure from all these areas are a perfect recipe for disaster. It is important that you get your child checked up once in 3-4 months as a general overall check-up especially if your child is overweight, stunted, has a poor physique, limiting appetite, is easily fatigued or is always irritated. These are the symptoms of many underlying diseases. So the best option for you is to get your child checked at regular intervals.


Why Rajalakshmi Hospital?

Pediatric health is taken very seriously at Rajalakshmi Hospitals. We understand the trauma undergone by parents when their wards fall sick or get injured. We go to the maximum extent to offer best healthcare services to your child and ensure that their health is restored quickly. Our trained paediatricians and nursing staff are ever present to support the parents in taking good care of their children. The important thing all parents need to remember is not to ignore any abnormal observation in their children. Once noticed; they should be immediately be brought to the hospital and get it diagnosed; the earlier the better.