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Pain management is one of the most underrated divisions of medicine. Everyone of us suffer from some sort of pain ranging from a simple muscle cramp to severe knee pain. A lot of reasons can be stated for the body to express itself through Pain to tell you that something is seriously wrong with your diet, lifestyle or stress levels. It requires a specialist to know and understand your pain and help you manage it in a better way. The Rajalakshmi Hospital group specialize in this area and take special care to understand the concerns of every patient and help them in relieving their pain.


Who are at risk?

Pain management is one area which is taken rather lightly by most patients. Most of the recurring pains are ignored by patients who prefer topical application of commonly available OTC balms and sprays. This is fine for an occasional episode of pain, but any pain in any part of the human body that is recurring or is showcasing at periodic intervals should not be ignored. The body's communication is through pain. So, whenever you experience pain – regardless of the intensity, note the time, intensity and type of pain (pulling, pushing, pulsating, twitching, etc.) It is common to feel some level of muscular pain after some heavy physical work or exercise but if the pain does not seem to subside with regular balms or sprays or gentle massage, then there should be an underlying cause. Also remember that most dangerous tumours do not pain much in the initial stages but rather manifest themselves as a dull ache in various parts of the body – so recurring pain regardless of intensity is definitely a cause for concern. Anyone above the age of 10 is susceptible to different types of pain – though 80% of the cases are related to muscles or bones, the remaining 20% can manifest in any part of the body. So being aware of the bodily signs is very important.


Why Rajalakshmi Hospital?

As stated earlier, Orthopaedics is our primary strength and so is the related field of Pain Management. We have an excellent blend of orthopaedicians, physiotherapists and ayurvedic physicians to offer the best patient care related to Pain Management. Our research team is also very much experienced in this area as most of the clinical trials conducted at Rajalakshmi Hospital are related to Pain Management. Hence do not hesitate to pay us a visit if you are experiencing recurring or constant pain in any part of your body.