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Pulmonology or Respiratory Medicine is another important domain in which Rajalakshmi Hospital specializes. Increasing pollution and unhealthy habits have led to a drastic rise in the number of affected patients. For all your lung disorders and respiratory issues, get in touch with us to receive the best treatment methods. Our trained and qualified pulmonologists will be able to guide you in the right path of health. There are also patient counselling services offered for chronic patients suffering from smoking addiction which is one of the primary causes for lung disorders. Elderly patients with Asthma are also taken care of in the best way possible. Give us a ring and we will be more than happy to elaborate further on the services.


Who are at risk?

Pulmonology is a vast medical discipline. All human beings can be at risk at any point. The world is seeing the worst phase of evolution with the highest air pollution levels. The increase in particulate matter in the air we breathe has increased manifold and so as the related problems such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Lung Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis/Bronchiectasis, Pneumonia, Pleural Effusion to name a few. The highest risk is seen amongst adults who are constantly on the road breathing in toxic air pollutants. Higher the traffic, more is the exposure – it is not possible to avoid the same, but we can take quite a few precautions to minimize the adverse effects significantly. Smokers are at a very high risk too. If you have been a smoker or passive smoker, your risk of getting lung diseases increases manifold. The damages caused in the lungs can be dangerous and in some cases never be reversed. It is vital not to ignore symptoms of breathlessness, shallow breath, excessive snoring, etc. All these point towards an issue that can be resolved only by visiting an experienced pulmonologist. It is best not to ignore any symptoms related to the breath especially if you are prone to smoking or working in a profession that requires you to come in contact with huge amounts of air pollutants on a daily basis.


Why Rajalakshmi Hospital?

Pulmonology is a very complex field of medical science as there are so many inter-relating factors required in accurate diagnosis. We at Rajalakshmi hospital ensure that the patient presenting with pulmonology related issues are accurately diagnosed by meeting a combination of doctors to ascertain the actual cause of the problem and then accordingly diagnose it and get the patient ready for treatment. Visit us now to understand your condition better. We also provide support in de-addiction services if you are planning to quit smoking but unable to do so on your own.